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Writing and Eating in Dhaka, Bangladesh

From September to December 2005 the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development) and the MAZ (Die Schweizer Journalistenschule) sent me to Dhaka for a three month stage at Daily Star. Asif and his family kindly put me. He lives in Wari, the oldest area of this fascinating and exciting city. Here is a selection of my writing for The Daily Star during these three months: 

Save timeworn St. Gregory's school

Old buildings of St Gregory's High School and the adjacent bell tower of the Holy Cross Church are under threat of collapse, but the diocese of Dhaka cannot raise sufficient funds to save the historical nineteenth century architectures.

Hidden City Charms

A book on the walls of Dhaka might not seem like the most grabbing read to settle on. But whoever gets a chance to glance at Pascal Janovjak's and Bruno Ruhf's book "Les mures de Dacca" might just reconsider that.



'Mobile Women' of Mongla bridging digital divide

THE remote villages of Mongla are experiencing a mobile phone frenzy. Algae in shrimp farms are disappearing, the pharmacist knows which medication to buy and the Hindu carpenter and his wife can finally talk to somebody about the nasty disease of their guava tree. All thanks to mobile phones.

Shopping centres stepping up security measures

IN the wake of rising terror threats, many shopping centres in the city are considering implementing the next generation of Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems to eyeball their customers' and employees' activities more closely, says Saiful Haque Kamal, managing director of General Automation Ltd., a large CCTV distributor in the city.